Monday, 18 March 2013

Whats In My Bag


I love reading "Whats in my Bag" posts or YouTube videos so I figured other people probably do too!

Here is my bag, isn't it beautiful? I'm so in love with it. This was my Christmas present from my parents! Mother has good taste. It's from the brand Lipsy which I absolutely love!

Here is a little snap of the inside. The one down side to this bag is it is just one big compartment which some people love but i do wish there was more because I like to organise thing and it's difficult with this bag.

So in my bag I have:
  • A bottle of water because I am always thirsty!
  • My glasses which i pretty much never wear but in my bag they are there if i need them
  • My little purple camera 
  • 2 pens because one is not enough clearly
  • My Pink Radley purse I got for Christmas, I love how it's so bright and I don't have to dig around hard to find it!
  • My iPod for when my phones battery is running low
  • Keys
  • A hair bobble
  • Gloves, but not just any gloves, no. Touch screen gloves! So I can use my phone and iPod with them on! One of the best inventions ever.

More! I actually have so much in my bag, It's really heavy!
  • Perfume, This changes to whatever perfume I have on but today it's Paco Rabanne Lady Million. It smells amazing!
  • Tissues!
  • Soap & Glory Hand food, I love this stuff. LOVE.
  • Soap & Glory Hand Maid hand sanitizer. I have so many hand sanitizers. I could not be without them.
  • 2 Nivea lip balms. Unsure why there is 2 but..
  • Some good old Vaseline
  • Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang (blog post on that here), This switches out for whatever lip colour I have on.
  • A little roll on deodorant 
  • A compact mirror. I got this as a gift from my friend for my birthday. It actually has a little personal engraved message which is super cute. I love it <3
  • Kirbys! I have millions but can never find one when I want it..

Finally I have my health carey stuff. Very boring but i thought I'd show you anyway because well its in my bag..
  • Antihistamines for hay fever and also for any minor allergic reactions
  • Eye drops for allergies
  • Right now I have Codeine in my bag because I recently had surgery
  • Inhaler 
  • EpiPen incase I decide to go eat a peanut or something..

Well that's everything inside my bag! As always if you have done this post let me know because I find it interesting seeing what other people carry around with them, is that weird? Probably.. Or just tell me what one thing you can't leave your house without!


  1. nice post, girl.
    such a cute wallet with a puppy;)X

    1. Thank you!
      I know partially why I love Radley! haha xx

  2. I love these kinds of posts and Youtube Videos. I'm super nosey so this satisfies my nosey side ;) You seem to have a lot of the same stuff that I have in mine! I love Radley stuff and have a couple of bags from there! Love your purse :)

    Christina | Passion Obsession

    1. Me too!
      Haha it's all the essentials of course!
      Thank you! My mum has a lot of Radley bags so I "borrow" hers!

  3. love your wallet, so cute! my best friend got me a compact mirror for my birthday too, it's so sweet and mine has a personal message on it too. such a thoughtful gift :)

    love the codeine too. don't know what i would do without mine apart from sit at home and cry!

    great post

    katy xxx

    1. Thank you! I know! I love it so much, such a cutie friends we have!

      I know it's a life saver! I would be doing the same!