Thursday, 21 March 2013

Loving School

I feel like while i was unwell I learnt a lot of life lessons. The first being to appreciate the little things in life like taking a walk. The next thing I feel I learned was to really make the most of everything, School in particular.

I'm in my last year at school at the moment and I also manged to get the grades I needed for university last year so as a result before Christmas I was really at the end of my tether with school. I felt like I really didn't want to be there but at the same time I didn't want to leave. I just wasn't enjoying it to the point that I couldn't go a day without saying "I can't wait to leave"

Then I got ill.

Being ill for 3 months has meant being absent from school for 3 months and spending a large amount of that time stuck in a hospital room really opened my eyes to how much I love school. The social aspects of it mostly. Seeing friends every single day and even my teachers. Being part of something is also what I really missed. Having something to do with my life instead of sitting unable to do anything. Technically meaning I missed learning, I missed class, I just missed everything.

So basically what I'm saying is really make the most of everything, make the most of school even if you're not enjoying it. Really words can't describe how horrible it was to be stuck in hospital or at home while all my friends were at school. 

As horrible as it was being ill for 3 months I feel a lot of good has come out of it too, as cheesy as it sounds I really do feel like I've learnt a lot about appreciating life after everything I've been through this year. I guess every cloud does have a silver lining.

Caitlin x

"Sometimes we have to hit bottom before we figure out how to really enjoy life" - Unknown

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Maybelline Color Show | Review + Swatches

Hello beautiful people

I went shopping just over a week ago and I picked up 3 of the maybelline color show Nail Polishes

The first colour I have is "Cool Blue". It's just a really pretty light blue as you can see above.

Secondly I have "Urban Coral" which I LOVE. I'm such a huge fan of coral in the spring and summer and this is just so perfect. 

Last I have this absolutely beautiful colour called "Speeding Light" Omg this is so so pretty! It's a hot pink with like a purple/blue duo chrome and well, I'm a sucker for duo chrome.

I think these nail polishes are absolutely brilliant!

  • They are super glossy
  • Very Opaque 
  • Lovely Formula
  • Amazing colour selection!
  • Fantastic price! They are only £2.99 and often on 3 for 2 at boots or superdrug!
  • They last so well! I had the pink on for 5 days before it chipped! The other 2 i didn't wear long enough for them to chip!
Really what more can you ask for in nail polish?!

These will be very loved in my ever growing nail polish collection! I have a 109 bottles now.. eek

Have you tried these? What's your favourtie nail polishes? I'd love to know because I'm always up for buying more!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

My Week In Photos #1

Aloha lovelies

I love taking photos so I thought doing  "My week in Photos" would be rather fun.
Lets begin!

 This is what Monday looked like. Where are you Spring?!


Beautiful Picture I took on one of my walks. So pretty with all the snow on the hills!

Trying out one of the Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes, Post coming soon!

"Ugh Pictures Again"

My Beautiful Baby <3

My Throw back Thursday
Me and my brother on his last day of School last May. It was such a beautiful day!

CHEESE, I got that Friday Feelin'
I was off for a meeting with my guidance teacher about coming back to school! I haven't been since before Christmas!
So excited to go back!

Still trying out the accent nail and still unsure..
This is Essie's "Where's My Chauffeur" and "Beyond Cozy"

Lastly My brother after blowing out his candles on his 19th birthday

I had a pretty chill week. This week is going to be so much busier because I'm going back to school! Finally! Today is my first day back, I'm doing Tuesday and Wednesday morning and Thursday and Friday afternoon! Going to be so brilliant to see everyone again!

Hope you all had a fantastic week!

Caitlin x

Monday, 18 March 2013

Whats In My Bag


I love reading "Whats in my Bag" posts or YouTube videos so I figured other people probably do too!

Here is my bag, isn't it beautiful? I'm so in love with it. This was my Christmas present from my parents! Mother has good taste. It's from the brand Lipsy which I absolutely love!

Here is a little snap of the inside. The one down side to this bag is it is just one big compartment which some people love but i do wish there was more because I like to organise thing and it's difficult with this bag.

So in my bag I have:
  • A bottle of water because I am always thirsty!
  • My glasses which i pretty much never wear but in my bag they are there if i need them
  • My little purple camera 
  • 2 pens because one is not enough clearly
  • My Pink Radley purse I got for Christmas, I love how it's so bright and I don't have to dig around hard to find it!
  • My iPod for when my phones battery is running low
  • Keys
  • A hair bobble
  • Gloves, but not just any gloves, no. Touch screen gloves! So I can use my phone and iPod with them on! One of the best inventions ever.

More! I actually have so much in my bag, It's really heavy!
  • Perfume, This changes to whatever perfume I have on but today it's Paco Rabanne Lady Million. It smells amazing!
  • Tissues!
  • Soap & Glory Hand food, I love this stuff. LOVE.
  • Soap & Glory Hand Maid hand sanitizer. I have so many hand sanitizers. I could not be without them.
  • 2 Nivea lip balms. Unsure why there is 2 but..
  • Some good old Vaseline
  • Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang (blog post on that here), This switches out for whatever lip colour I have on.
  • A little roll on deodorant 
  • A compact mirror. I got this as a gift from my friend for my birthday. It actually has a little personal engraved message which is super cute. I love it <3
  • Kirbys! I have millions but can never find one when I want it..

Finally I have my health carey stuff. Very boring but i thought I'd show you anyway because well its in my bag..
  • Antihistamines for hay fever and also for any minor allergic reactions
  • Eye drops for allergies
  • Right now I have Codeine in my bag because I recently had surgery
  • Inhaler 
  • EpiPen incase I decide to go eat a peanut or something..

Well that's everything inside my bag! As always if you have done this post let me know because I find it interesting seeing what other people carry around with them, is that weird? Probably.. Or just tell me what one thing you can't leave your house without!

Friday, 15 March 2013

A Simple Little Walk

Well hey there,

As you probably already know from the title it's about walks. Sounds so simple and boring but I absolutely love going for walks and I'm trying to make a conscious effort to go for one more. 

I've unfortunately spent quite some time in hospital this year and during my admissions all I wanted to do was to go out for a walk, to get outside and breathe some fresh air but the difference was I couldn't. I was either too ill to actually go anywhere or not aloud to walk and had to go every where in a wheelchair.

As I had a lot of time to think whilst in hospital I made the decision to take advantage of being able to out for a walk and enjoy all the little things like that because you really do miss it when the option is taken from you. 

I've been for a few walks since I've been out now and I'm absolutely loving it. There's something about walks that lifts my mood. I feel great after being out, like I've actually done something during the day, instead of spending all day inside on my laptop. 

To conclude, all i'm really saying is appreciate all the little things in life because you'll really miss them when they're gone. 

Here I will leave you with one of my favourite things about walks, you can take some beautiful pictures. This is one of my favourites that i took on Tuesday. Another one to add to my collection of scenery pictures.

Hope you all have a wonderful day

Caitlin x

Thursday, 14 March 2013

What's in My Make Up Bag

I don't know about you but I love seeing what's inside other peoples make up bags. I love seeing what products they like and use on a daily basis and see if I can discover any new amazing products.
So today I'm going to show you beautiful people what's inside mine. In this bag is just the make up I've worn the last few days and am loving at the moment!

At the moment the foundation I'm using is the Revlon colorstay in 110 Ivory. Right now it's pretty much the only foundation pale enough for me. Its quite a good match to my skin tone but I can't say I'm in love with this foundation but then again that's how I feel about every foundation I've ever tried :( Help me?
I'm using Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in 2 Light. I think this is a really great concealer but it's not pale enough for me so I really have to work with it so it doesn't make me look like have dark areas on my face!
I'm reall loving wearing bronzer at the moment, clearly not so patiently waiting for the summer months. I splashed out at the end of January and bought myself the Nars Laguna Bronzer and I found love basically. Its just great because it's not to dark for me! yay
For Blush I have a dinky little sample of Bella Bamba from Benefit and it's such a pretty pink and also very pigminted so if you try this, be careful, you don't even want to see what happened to my face first time i used it!
For mascara I have Benefit they're real which is a great mascara but I don't think it's worth the money or any better that some of the other mascaras I have tried (dont shoot me please). I also have the new L'oreal one, False Lash Flutter. I'm trying this out at the moment and I quite like it. The wand is very interesting!
For my lips I have Burts Bees lip balm because I have disgustingly dry lips sometimes. Clinique Chubby Stick in "Woppin' Watermelon". It gives a really pretty pink sheen to the lips and on top of that I love wearing the Urban Decay lip junkie lip gloss in Naked. Its a super pretty nude gloss with gold shimmer. GORGEOUS.

As for eyeshadow, I've really been loving the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. The shades I've been using recently are Bootycall and Tease. They look so natural and beautiful together and perfect for when I feel like a bright lip as well.

Here's a swatch of them. Bootycall is a shimmery chapmagne and Tease is a matt taupey brown

What are the staples in your make up bag?

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A-Z of Me Tag!

I've seen so many bloggers do this recently so I thought I would hop on the bandwagon and do it too. It's another "get to know me" type posts but hey, we just met so we need to get to know each other.

A- Age: 17
B- Bed size: Single wishing it was double..
C- Chore that you hate: I can't think of any actually, I'm quite good with chores i.e I don't mind them once I've worked up the energy to actually go do them..
D- Dogs: I have a gorgeous golden Cocker Spaniel called Max, he's my baby
E- Essential start to your day: Washing my face, I do not feel ready to do anything until I've washed my face and brushed my teeth. Saying that if you read my 50 Facts About Me post you will know I find having a skincare routine such a chore.
F- Favourite Colour: I find this so hard because it depends on the season and my mood but right now I love mint green and coral!
G- Gold or Silver: Gold for sure although I prefer Silver jewelerry..
H- Height: 5'4 on a good day, I'm the shorty in my family and it's not even that small!
I- Instruments you play: I can play a bit of Violin and Keyboard
J- Job Title: Student
K- Kids: Bit young for that I think 
L- Live: I live in a little town in Fife which is in the East of Scotland
M- Mother's Name: Lynne
N- Nicknames: I don't really have any
O- Overnight Hospital Stays: I've had my fair share recently! I am now refusing to go to the Doctors because they just send me back!
P- Pet Peeves: Noisy eaters and people who eat with their mouths open. It makes me want to cry.
Q- Quote from a movie: "I like that boulder, that is a NICE boulder"
R- Right or left handed: Right
S- Siblings: I have an older brother who's 19 on Saturday and a little sister who is 10
T- Time you wake up: Between 8 and 9 when I don't have an alarm set
U- Unique Ability: I really can't do anything than unique
V- Vegetable you hate: Parsnips and mushrooms, Yuck.
W- What makes you run late: Sleeping in.. 
X- X-Rays: I can't even remember how many I've had, too many! Last one was a last tuesday.
Y- Yummy Food: Raspberries, I love me some raspberries. So so so so so good!
Z- Zoo Animal: I haven't been yet but I really want to see the Pandas at Edinburgh Zoo!

I shall leave you now with all that information about myself while I go write some more blog posts for this week that are less "me" revolved. Hope everyone has a fantastic day wherever they are in the world and if you have done this tag leave me a link and i'd love to go read it because well i'm nosy and I like reading about people..

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Rimmel Apocalips | Review + Swatches

Rimmel Apocalips have been highly raved about all over the internet and they completely deserve it! In my opinion these are some of the best lip products I own. They are so pigmented and super easy to apply as well! Bonus for me! I'm so bad for getting bright lipstick all over my face during application, does that happen to anyone else? Just me..

The first colour I have is Nova, the palest of the 4 and also probably my least favourite! I think "Barbie Pink" when I look in the mirror (this does not photograph well) I feel I would've like this one more if it was less opaque! It just doesn't really "suit" me that well.

Here Is Apocaliptic, and oh boy do I love this! It really is the perfect bright pink. My life will be forever happy with this in my make up collection.

Stellar is a beautiful practically neon pink coral but sort of red at the same time (I am so not good at describing colours). This one is  going to be so fun for spring and summer. I can't wait to wear it more!

Lastly I have Big Bang. I have worn this one the most by far since I got it because I am a true red lips lover. This can't be anymore perfect. Glossy, Beautiful shade, Doesn't go all over my face, what else could I want?

As you might be able to see, I am definitely a bright lips lover. Not always the most practical for school and things but I'm just drawn to them when I go shopping!

Good Points

  • Pigmentation is outstanding
  • They apply really easily
  • They last really well
  • Gorgeous colour selection
  • Pretty Packaging
  • Beautiful finish

Anyway hope everyone is having a fantabulous day and I'm now going to go live happily ever after with my Bright Lip colours :)

Oh and if you haven't already, go check out my last post 50 Facts About Me

Last thing, if you have a blog leave the URL in the comments! I've been loving reading new blogs and would love to check yours out :)

Monday, 11 March 2013

50 Facts About Me

I thought to begin this blog of mine I will let you know a bit more about me. I've seen this circling around youtube for the past few weeks and I didn't see why it couldn't be a blog post too!

1. My Middle name is Margaret and i absolutely hate it (sorry to all the Maggies in the world!)
2. I live at home with my parents and sister but I'm hoping to move out in September for University!
3. I'm going to University to do a degree in French and Spanish, at which university? I still need to decide!
4. I have an older brother who is 19 next week and a little sister who is 10
5. I am one of the worlds fussiest eaters
6. I still eat like a 5 year old, all foods are eaten separate 
7. If I have beans with my tea they have to be in a separate dish so the sauce doesn't touch my other food.
8. I am allergic to Peanuts and animal fur
9. I used to want to be a vet
10. I think I spend more time on the internet than is healthy
11. I am 5 foot and 4 inches 
12. My feet are a nice slightly smaller than average size 5
13. I have never ever ever dyed my hair
14. I didn't know my hair was naturally curly until I was 12
15. I have a playlist on my phone of songs I'm really loving at the moment and I play it on repeat until I hate them all
16. I love sparkly glittery things
17. I got tickets to go see Justin Bieber in Nottingham on March 2nd but couldn't go because I was in Hospital, I am still heartbroken.
18. But.... we were in touch with the arena who made special arrangements for me for the JB concert due to my health issues and when we told them i couldn't make it to the concert in the end the sent me complimentary tickets to see One Direction.
19. I'm a born and bred Scot
20. I work in boots the chemist
21. I have been going to Latin dance classes since I was 4
22. I love watching cheesy romantic films
23. I love reading cheesy romantic books
24. I have a pacemaker
25. I have 2 "worst" days of my life, 1st was the day my Great Granny passed away and 2nd was the day of her funeral
26. I get really stressed out when my room's a mess yet I can't seem to keep it tidy..
2. I had blonde hair when I was little
28. This is my second attempt at a blog,
29. In 2005 my two best friends both moved abroad, one in the January to Australia and the other in June to California
30. My parents got me a dog because I was lonely and pretty much had no friends after my two best friends left
31. I absolutely love the states, I've been to Florida 5 times and I'm going again in May!
32. My Granny is taking me to Paris in August and I don't think I have ever been more excited to go anywhere. Ever.
33. My Granny is the most amazing woman in the world, I love her so much.
34. My Pet hate is noisy eaters and people who eat with their mouths open. It makes me want to cry.
35. I think I might have slight OCD about certain things. For example, organising my nail polish and  random things like I cannot stand if someone opens a packet of sweets or crisps upside down.
36. I hate not having my nails painted
37. The only thing I hate more than having bare nails is chipped nails
38. I have a really bad habit of peeling my nail polish off
39. I have real difficulty controlling my body temperature, especially my feet, they are either freezing cold like icicles or absolutely burning hot. It is horrific.
40. I find having a skincare routine such a chore
41. I am really lazy when it comes to doing my hair (i can't remember the last time I used a hair dryer)
42. I can sort of play the violin a little 
43. I love playing on my keyboard and teaching myself songs on it
44. My favourite thing to do when there is no one else in the house is sing. Really Loudly.
45. If my feet aren't covered by my duvet I feel like something is going to come out from underneath my bed and eat them
46. My favourite colour depends on my mood
47. I hate watching scary movies, I have only ever watched 2- "it" and "insidious". 
48. I am OBSESSED with playing temple run, Like really, I never get bored of it
49. I could easily spend all day reading blogs and watching Youtube videos
50. My friends think I should live in a bubble because of all my allergies and health issues
So I hope you feel like you know me a bit better and we can all have a wonderful relationship now.
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