Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Floral Nail Art Fortnight

Hello lovelies
A couple weeks a go I did a post called A Nail Art Week and you all seemed to like it so this is kind of a sequel to that.
I've been doing nail art all the time, I haven't had plain nails for over a month now! I just love looking down at my nails and seeing a pretty design.
I have four designs to show you all of which are floral! I didn't do it on purpose I just seem to be loving the flowers.
Same as the last one, none of these are actually my designs, I wish they were and hopefully soon I'll get creative enough to create my own.

Please excuse the not so great quality of this photo
This design I saw on youtube somewhere and I can't find it again to link for you! sorry
Nail Polishes Used
Essie: Mint Candy Apple
Rimmel: Nail Tip Whitener
Sally Hansen: Mellow Yellow

I just used dotting tools for this design. I used a larger one for the centre of the flower using the yellow and then using a smaller dotting tool and the white i dotted right next to the centre and dragged it out to create the daisy petals.

This design here Is from BubzBeauty (Tutorial Here)
I changed it ever so slightly by doing polka dots on both my middle and pinky but that's it

Nail Polishes
Rimmel: Nail tip Whitener
Barry M: Passion Fruit
Barry M: Peach Melba
Champneys: Shadow

Only tools I used were dotting tools. With a large one I created the flower "blobs" and the using a smaller one I dotted the centres and drew the little stems.

This design I saw on Instagram and thought it was really pretty. Excuse the slight mess, I hadn't cleaned them up yet.
Nail polishes
Barry M: Blue Plum
Rimmel: Nail Tip Whitener
Sally Hansen: Mellow Yellow

Again I just used dotting tools
I dotted the centres and the did 5 dots around the yellow and using a dotting tool I have which is just like a sharp point i dragged away the nail polish to create a more petal look. You could easily use a tooth pick for this.

Finally, my favourite and what is currently on my nails. This design is again from BubzBeauty (tutorial Here)
Polishes Used
Rimmel: Nail Tip Whitener
Barry M: Peach Melba
Essie: Mint Candy Apple
Barry M: Shocking Pink
Rimmel: Sea Green

Like all the others, I used dotting tools. For the roses, Using a large dotting tool and the colour Peach Melba I create the blob, that's all it is really. The using the nail art dotting tool I have that is just a sharp point I create squiggly lines with shocking pink around the blob to create a rose effect. Finally using the green i made little leaves.

What one do you like best?
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Hope you like this post and let me know if you want to see more!
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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Testing Products

Hola lovelies

I've recently purchased a few no.7 items to try out. No.7 is a makeup and skin are brand by boots and one I've never really taken an interest in. However since working in boots for the last month I've had to learn about the products and things because its my job basically. In the process I've found myself eyeing up lots of products and it has resulted in this. 

First off here I have two samples.
On the left is the new no.7 cc cream. I have a sample of this because staff were asked to take one basically. It's a way for us to get to know the product on a more personal level and really find out about how it works. If you want to try it and want a sample in sure any member of staff would happily give you one. They would in my store anyway.
Secondly I have the colour calming primer. I quite often have a rather red face and I also have major problems with my face makeup staying on. So all in all this seems perfect. I wasn't sure wether I wanted to but the full size so my lovely colleague who is our beauty consultant gave me a sample! Again if you want to try any of the liquid products like foundations primers etc. I'm sure you could easily get one. 

Next I bought these two liquid eyeliners in such bright colours! I love it! I've swatches these on my hands quite a few times for customers and I can never get it off after so I think these are going to be extremely long lasting. These are the " stay precise liquid liner" the top colour is mermaid and underneath is sky high.
One of the main reasons I bought these was to actually get the deal that no7 is currently having which is if you buy 2 cosmetic products from the brand you get a free gift worth £30 
I love trying new products so this sounded fabby to me 

The first two things that come in the free goody bag are the triple protection tinted moisturiser in fair/medium and the airbrush away primer. Again I'm excited to try the primer loads! I want to see if it makes a difference to the staying power of my foundation!

 Next is a mascara. It's the extreme length waterproof in black

 Then a lovely sparkly lilacy pink but still neutral eyeshadow which doesn't tell me the shade unfortunately

And lastly a high shine lip gloss in coral kiss

I haven't tried any of these products yet so I'm super excited to try them all out and see how they all work! I think I'll do another post in the next week all about what I think of the products like little mini reviews.
So really this is just a preview of what's to come

Have you tried any no.7 products? If you haven't they are definitely worth a look. I never looked at it before I started working there and it's a shame because they have some fantastic products!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

I heart summer tag!

Hello again lovelies

I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer! It seems to have finally arrived in the UK and Ingrid- Missglamorazzi on YouTube just posted a video for the I heart summer tag and I thought it was perfect timing. (click here to watch)

I love summer, the thought of it all make me so happy just the weather is never as good as it is in my fantasies! 

1. Favourite bronzer for summer?
My fav bronzer and pretty much the only one I own (need to try more!) is Nars Laguna bronzer. I love this. I use it to give my fave a bit of colour so I put it where the sun would tan your face most and it just looks really nice  

2. You're relaxing in a hammock, on a tropical island, what are you sipping on?

I would totally be sipping on a frozen strawberry lemonade. It's the best drink I have ever had. If you're in America. Go to the restaurant applebees and have a frozen strawberry lemonade. It'll be the best thing you ever do with your life. I wish we could get them in the uk :( definitely should learn to make them!

3. Favourite summer lip product 

Of course I can't pick just one. I ended up with 5, woops. 

Left to right
Revlon lip butters: wild watermelon, tutti frutti
Maybelline color sensational vivids: shocking coral
L'oreal lipstick that i don't know what kind it is! But it's in the shade blushing sequin
Lastly my Dior lipgloss in glow
Top to bottom is same as left to right with the lipgloss on the far right

The revlon lip butters are fantastic. They give off a lot of colour but are also very moisturising. These are the two colours I own and probably my two favourites in the whole line although I'm eyeing up the shade sorbet. Tutti frutti is a bright orangey coral and wild watermelon is a beautiful kind if red with a bit if coral to it.  But the colours are just perfect for summer and they are great no fuss lip products 

The maybelline lipstick is just so fun. It's a bright bright like neonish coral thats just so perfect for this time of year. It looks great with and without a tan. I find its amazing when you have just like very natural make up, like only mascara and then this on the lips. It's just perfect 

This l'oreal lipstick I talk about all the time. It's so fantastic I wish I bought more when I was in America because they aren't out in the uk yet. This lipstick is the perfect bright pink with perfect balance between sheer and opaque! I just love it so much and it lasts a really long time!

Lastly my Dior lipgloss is my pride and joy. I bought this in duty free on my way to lanzarote and I don't regret the small fortune it cost me. Its another coral colour. You can tell i just love coral. It looks great by itself as beautiful brignt gloss but not in your face. You get me? and it also looks great over other lipsticks. 

4. Pool or beach?
I would always say the pool probably because in Scotland I could never go in the sea it's just far too cold but If i was in Hawaii or something then "lets go to the beach each lets go get away"

5. Summer =crazy hair, what's your must have styling product? 

In the UK I certainly don't have any crazy hair problems that I don't have in winter because there is zero humidity here. But this is just my go to styling product to tame down my naturally crazy hair. It's the Aussie dual personality curl definition and soft feel serum and its part of the frizz miracle range. I just got this at boots and I really like it. It just really helps to calm down the frizziness of natural curly hair. 

6. Sun bathing or fake tanning? 
I love sun bathing not going to lie but I always wear sun cream and I never get burn so it's okay! I never really fake tan although I bought a gradual tan from dove which I used for the first time a few days ago and I really like it so maybe this is me entering the tanning world!

7. Favourite summer nail polish
Again I couldn't pick one I ended up choosing twelve! I have a slight addiction to nail polish which if read my blog on a regular basis you already know
I picked 4 essay polishes 
bikini so teeny
Mint candy apple
Penny talk 
I picked one models own nail Polish. It's called northern lights and its just so beautiful! Opaque pale pink and holographic glitter! 
I chose 5 Barry m gelly hi shine. I just live these
Prickly pear
Passion fruit
And lastly two china glaze polishes 
First is fairy first which is a clear nail polish with finely milled holographic glitter through it. This just adds extra gorgeousness to any nail polish. I can't even explain how much I love it. When the sun hits it is just ugh so beautiful!
The other china glaze one I picked is turned up turquoise. This is like a neon turquoise green. It's so bright and so fun I just love it. 

8. Any summer traditions?
I guess going on holiday with my family abroad is a summer tradition because Ive been lucky enough to get to go abroad every year since I was 4. 

9. Favourite summer scent?
This year my favourite summer scent is the Marc Jacobs daisy eau so fresh sunshine

First of all, just look at the bottle! It's so beautiful. It screams summer!
This was in my June favourites and I typed out what the Marc Jacobs website says about the scent as I'm rubbish at describing fragrances so here it is again. "A playful floral fruity, Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine reinterprets the classic Daisy Eau So Fresh with a bolder, fruitier twist. Colorful and energetic, the fragrance radiates sun-drenched juiciness with an addictive fruity top. The heart is an intoxicating breeze of airy, uplifting jasmine petals that dries down to a smooth, velvety base of warmth and subtle sweetness. 

Top Notes: Strawberry, Apple Blossom, Pink Grapefruit 
Mid Notes: Jasmine Petals, Day Lily, Rose 
Base Notes: Violet Leaf, White Oak Moss, Amber Wood"

10. Favourite BBQ food?
Mine would be corn on the cob for non meat wise and meat wise I love chicken skewers especially with pepper and onion! So good!

11. What's your favourite summer proof product? 
Mine will be water proof mascara. I love the covergirl clump crusher mascara and also the no.7 stay perfect mascara which I review here

12. Any summer vacation plans this year? No plans? Tell is about your dream summer trip?

I've actually already been on my main holiday which was to Florida. (Read about it here). I went with my sister my parents and my grandparents. It was a fantastic holiday I had so much fun. 
But I also am going away for just short of a week with my granny. She booked it for me and her as a surprise because I was having a rubbish start to the year. So we are going to London and Paris and I'm so excited! I've always dreamed of Paris and I'm finally getting to go! We are spending three nights in Paris and three nights in London! Don't want to tell you too much about what we're doing while we are there because I plan to do a whole post when I get back accompanied by beautiful pictures!

So thats it! 

If you do this please comment with a link I'd love to read them!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

No.7 Stay Perfect Mascara Review

Hola lovelies

I've only ever reviewed a couple of things on this blog but both have gone down really quite well so here's another one for you!

A few weeks ago I got the new no.7 mascara. It's the stay perfect long lasting volume mascara and I have it in black but it also comes in brown/black. 
Incase you don't know what no.7 is. It is a boots make up brand that is all hypo-allergenic so perfect for sensitive skin. 
This is actually a Waterproof mascara but it isn't a problem to come off at the end of the day. All you have to do is dampen a cotton pad with warm water and hold over your eyes for thirty seconds then it just wipes away. It's fantastic. I didn't believe it when I saw the campaign for it. But it's true. I tried it myself. 

One of the first things you'll notice is the tiny brush. It's a plastic applicator which I personally like. I also find with the tiny brush it really separates and lengthens my eyelashes. 
The colour is super black and it does also stay on all day without smudging. 

This is without any mascara on

This has about 2 coats of the mascara. I've actually been asked if I'm wearing fake eyelashes while wearing this mascara. What's also fabulous about it is that if you only put one coat on it gives a nice natural look but you can build it up to be more dramatic without it getting all clumpy. 

Love the applicator 
Love the formula, not clumpy
Love how easy it is to take off your eyes

The only problem I have with this is it comes off your eyes at night easily but it sort of goes all over your face in the process which isn't a problem it's just a wee bitty annoying

All in all I really do like this mascara and it's made me want to try more no.7 products! 

Caitlin x

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Loving Lips

Hello lovelies

I love lip products, I think the can totally change up a whole look weather its just finshing it up or being a statement. I've been adding to my lipsticks recently so I'm going to share with you a few of my favourites!

Left to right 

First off is a revlon lip butter in the shade wild watermelon. It's a beautiful red and is that perfect combination between sheer and colour. It's beautiful and moisturising which I love in lipstick. So if you haven't tried these definitely check them out. Especially this colour! 

Next is a Clinique chubby stick. This is the shade whoppin' watermelon. It's a pinky nude that doesn't give much colour but is perfect when you have a bold eye or your just playing down the make up. It's really lovely and is great for layering lipgloss over!

Third in the row is probably my favourite lipstick if all time. It's the shade blushing sequin from l'oreal colour Riche. I got mine in Walmart and I wish I picked up more because they aren't available in the uk! This is a bright pink but again that perfect balance between opaque and sheer. I wear this all the time and it lasts a long time too

Last from this picture is a l'oreal caresse in Aphrodite Scarlett. This is an absolutely brilliant alternative to blushing sequin (check swatches at the bottom). The difference is the formulation. I find blushing sequin to be more dry but not in a drying way if that makes sense. Aphrodite is a very "wet" lipstick. I don't know how else to describe it. But it's also very moisturising and I have a few of these now. Again they give that perfect amount if colour without being in your face
Left to right 

First of is one of my holy grail lipsticks. I've had it for ages and what's in the picture is all that's left. This is a beautiful coral and it smells fantastic. It is actually a frosty finish winch I personally don't like but it's nothing a little gloss can't fix! It's a l'oreal colour Riche lipstick in the shade sensual rose 

Next I have two of the soap and glory glossy sticks. First is raplumzel which is a gorgeous plummy berry colour. This type if colour is one of my favourites of all time for lips and nails and clothes and just everything! Next is fushia-ristic. This looks super orange and bright and scary but it's a lot sheerer than in the tube. On the lips is a lovely coraly colour. These are super glossy and smell amazing and just look fantastic on the lips. 

Lastly is one of the newest addictions to my lipsticks. I bought this on the recommendation of essie button. It's the rimmel moisture renew lipstick in fun time fushia. I can't get enough of this lipstick! It's so lovely on the lips, such a flattering shade of pink. Definitely go have a look at this is the shops. If you like pink lipsticks and lipsticks that make your teeth look white you will love this!

In the middle top to bottom we have
Revlon lip butter : wild watermelon
Clinique chubby stick: whoppin' watermelon 
L'oreal lipstick: blushing sequin
L'oreal caresse: Aphrodite Scarlett 
L'oreal colour Riche: sensual rose 

On the far left is soap and glory glossy stick in raplumzel and next to it is fushia-ristic

On the far right is rimmel moisture renew lipstick in fun time fushia 

What are your favourite lip products? 
Ps: first ever post written on my phone so I hope the formats okay!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

June favourties!

Hola chicas :) 
Today I'm sharing with you my favourites from the last month. I don't have that many because I didn't actually try many new products!

Ill start with my perfume favourite. It's the Marc Jacobs Daisy eau so fresh sunshine First of all it's in an absolutely beautiful bottle as are all the Marc Jacobs perfumes and smells so lovely. The Marc Jacobs website describes it as "A playful floral fruity, Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine reinterprets the classic Daisy Eau So Fresh with a bolder, fruitier twist. Colorful and energetic, the fragrance radiates sun-drenched juiciness with an addictive fruity top. The heart is an intoxicating breeze of airy, uplifting jasmine petals that dries down to a smooth, velvety base of warmth and subtle sweetness. 

Top Notes: Strawberry, Apple Blossom, Pink Grapefruit 
Mid Notes: Jasmine Petals, Day Lily, Rose 
Base Notes: Violet Leaf, White Oak Moss, Amber Wood"

 Next I have my Laura mercier foundation which I love! I'm in the shade rose ivory. This foundation is high coverage without looking Cakey and it's also really long lasting. Although its pricey a little bit really goes a long way which has to be taken into consideration as well

For blusher I have been loving this nyx blush in the shade peach. The nyx blushes are beautiful. So pigmented and they are so cheap and cheerful. This just gives a gorgeous colour on my cheeks that blends so easily!

I have two concealers but they are the same in different shades. It's the collection lasting perfection concealer in shade 1 fair and 2 light. I use fair under my eyes to brighten everything up and use light to conceal my blemishes. These two work so well together and I highly recommend them!

Vaseline has been my life saver this past month. My lips have been so chapped due to all the extra work I've been doing. Working really dries out my lips because of the hair conditioning in the shop so this has been fantastic. 

 This lipstick is my absolute all time favourite. It's from l'oreal And its the caresse I think in blushing sequin. Unfortunately these aren't out in the uk! I wish the were because I would have every single one! They are just so perfect. Bright but not in your face. Shiny and moisturising also long lasting. Just perfection in a bottle.

Last make up product is this mascara from no7. This is the new say perfect mascara and I absolutely love it. The brush just separates your eyelashes so well and makes them look super long and almost false lash like which I love. I also love that it's waterproof but comes off with just warm water on a cotton pad help on your eye for 30 seconds. It's just great waterproof without the hassle of taking it off. (Review here)

 Last but not lease I have a hair product. This is the Aussie dual personality curl definition and soft feel serum. I put this in my hair after I've let it dry naturally to calm down any frizz and if really works! It's a good price too! Definitely worth checking out!

 What are some f your Favouties from this past month? 
Hope your having a wonderful day and happy Independence Day to all the Americans! 
Caitlin x