Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Maybelline Color Show | Review + Swatches

Hello beautiful people

I went shopping just over a week ago and I picked up 3 of the maybelline color show Nail Polishes

The first colour I have is "Cool Blue". It's just a really pretty light blue as you can see above.

Secondly I have "Urban Coral" which I LOVE. I'm such a huge fan of coral in the spring and summer and this is just so perfect. 

Last I have this absolutely beautiful colour called "Speeding Light" Omg this is so so pretty! It's a hot pink with like a purple/blue duo chrome and well, I'm a sucker for duo chrome.

I think these nail polishes are absolutely brilliant!

  • They are super glossy
  • Very Opaque 
  • Lovely Formula
  • Amazing colour selection!
  • Fantastic price! They are only £2.99 and often on 3 for 2 at boots or superdrug!
  • They last so well! I had the pink on for 5 days before it chipped! The other 2 i didn't wear long enough for them to chip!
Really what more can you ask for in nail polish?!

These will be very loved in my ever growing nail polish collection! I have a 109 bottles now.. eek

Have you tried these? What's your favourtie nail polishes? I'd love to know because I'm always up for buying more!


  1. Zapraszam do obserwowania i komentowania mojego bloga

    poza tym fajny blog *_*

  2. My favourite is the last colour! Lovely post x

    1. I can't decide my favourite! haha. Thank you! xx