Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Lip Junkie | Lip Crayons

Recently I have come to the conclusion that I am starting to hoard lip products. Well I basically hoard beauty products but I just allow myself to because they make me happy. Now I sound crazy but i'm sure if you are on  this blog you understand me.

Sidenote, I got a fancy DSLR camera for christmas that i am still figuring out how to use so please bare with me on the picture quality

I thought I'd share with you what lip products I have and my thoughts on them starting with lip crayons.

I love lip crayons, I think they are generally great because they are just so easy. I use them all the time and have worked up a few different ones to share with you

I have all the soap & Glory gloss sticks, a couple of the Bourjois and Revlon ones, one from Clinique and one from No.7

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks  - £8
Raplumzel- A berry shade
Plum Jam- A plummy nude
Fushia-Ristic- A coraly shade
Bashfull- A pink nude
Nudist- A true nude

I love the colour selection in these lip crayons. All five are beautiful and wearable colours and unlike many collections of make up there isn't a single dud of a colour.
There is a vanilla scent to these which I personally love but it's not overpowering
They are like most lip crayons I've come across twist up so no sharpening is required.

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon - £7.99
Orange Punch
Red Sunshine

These lip crayons are a lot brighter than the soap and glory ones and still glossy. I have the coral and the Red shade from the collection which are beautiful. They are so pigmented, one swipe and you're ready to go. I think these make wearing a bright lip fuss free and easy.

I did also have the paler pink shade from this collection called On The Beach. This was, what I found, the colour that had the most buzz around it however it unfortunately just did not suit me in the slightest. I don't know what it is with colours like that but they just do nothing for me so I passed it on to my little sister

I don't find these lip crayons have a scent, they just kind of smell like make up and like the soap and glory sticks these are also twist up


The Revlon Balms stains have a peppermint scent which I adore because I love the smell of mint. They are less glossy than the previous two brands but still have shine to them. The colour Crush is perfect for autumn/winter. It's the kind of colour I just wear all the time and Rendez-Vous is my perfect Spring/Summer shade because I am all about the corals in the warmer months.
The pigmentation is great in these and again they are just easy to wear and fuss free.
A huge bonus for me is that they aren't too dry that they show off every little crack and line in my lips but they also stain the lip so the colour stays on for a decent length of time. I also found that the colour never transfers at all!

No.7 High Shine Lip Crayon- £9
Clinique Chubby Sticks Lip Balm- £17

firstly the No.7 lip crayon, This is the lip crayon I own that I wear the least and that interest me least. I don't know why, I think i
I picked an uninteresting colour for me in the hopes it'd be a good everyday colour but I just don't find myself ever reaching for it.
The product itself however is lovely. It again has a shine to it but itts not super glossy as you would imagine by the name. The staying power is alright not fantastic, just sort of average.
On the plus side I do find this lip crayon moisturising which is always a bonus considering my lips are constantly chapped

The Clinique chubby stick was the first lip crayon I tried because I got a free sample size with another clinique purchase. It is a very subtle colour which I love and this is the one I reach for, for that everday lip look. I don't find there is a particular fragrance to the chubby sticks and they are glossy but not overly glossy. I certainly understand the craze over these however I am not sure they are worth the steep £17 when there a great alternatives on the highstreet.

Overall I would say the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks are my favourite lip crayons out of all the ones I have tried and they are certainly the ones I reach for the most. I just love the colour selection, they are great for day and night and I think all the colours would suit every skin tone. They smell great and are so easy to use. Lip crayons are definitely fast becoming my preferred lip product.

What are your favourite lip crayons? I'm always dying for more!

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