Saturday, 10 August 2013

A Trip of a Lifetime

Hello lovelies

Paris is a place I've always had some sort of infatuation with. I've always just loved the whole idea of Paris. My granny being the best person in the world booked a trip for just me and her to go to London/Paris and after months of waiting and excitement it finally happened! 
On the 1st of August my granny and I took the train down to London so we had the following day (Friday) to spend there. We met up with my great aunt and uncle and went on an open top bus tour around London which was absolutely great. If you're only in London for a short time I highly recommend it. You will get to see absolutely loads in the short time you're there 

On Saturday morning we took the Eurostar over to Paris for our organised trip with Rivera travel. 
We met our lovely tour Guide on the train where he explained how everything was going to work when we got off at the gare du nord. The journey from London to Paris is about two and half hours but only 20 minutes of that you are actually in the channel tunnel! 
We arrived in the afternoon and when we got to our hotel we went on a wander around the little area we were staying and went for dinner before heading back for an early night for the busy days ahead 

This was my first view of the Eiffel Tower. I was excited about it!

On Sunday morning we went on a city tour on the bus where we saw so many different things but we didn't stop for very long at any of them 
This is the Sorbonne which is the university of Paris. This is where I've decided I want to study when I go to study abroad. Fingers crossed anyway

I'm telling everyone I've seen the Statue of Liberty now because this is a replica as the statue was made in France and shipped over to New York. Little fact there if you didn't already know!

The beautiful Tour Eiffel. This is the spot I wanted to stay forever. I still can't believe i was there talking that picture

Here is moi with a bit of the tower in the background 
Ps i am wearing a dress from topshop, belt from primark and my sunglasses are prada. Oh a nail polish is Barry m gelly shine in Greenberry. 

In the afternoon we went to Versailles. Which was a very nice place and we went for lunch and I had a yummmmmmy crepe! 

In the evening me and my granny went to see a typical French cabaret show involving the can can. It was probably the weirdest thing I've ever seen but it was definitely an experience! 

On Monday morning we went to Monmatre. I saw the moulin rouge on the way! Which was exciting for me as I LOVE that film! 

In Monmatre there is the absolutely beautiful Sacre Couer 
How beautiful is this? Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to go in but I plan to go back to Paris many times so in sure ill get back to it! 

In the afternoon we went back into Paris for a boat trip on the river seine. It was absolutely beautiful. We used the boats/company called bateaux-mouches. 
On the trip we saw a whole load of beautiful sights. One of them being notre dame 

Again absolutely beautiful building and somewhere I would love to go inside in the future. 

After the boat trip my granny and I headed off on our own to go up the Eiffel Tower. It was the most amazing thing. 

I never got to go all the way to the top because they close if every so often to clear the amount of people as you can imagine it gets rather busy. The view from the 2nd level was fantastic though and I'm so happy I got to there! 

Monday night we went on a city by night tour. I was so excited to see the tower lit up. Seeing photos it looked amazing but nothing compared to how it looks in real life. I was in absolutely awe

To top it all off. At 11 o'clock every night it sparkles. I didn't know this so when.i saw it I literally started to cry because it was so amazing and I was just is happy and couldn't believe where I was 

It was an absolutely beautiful sight. 

On Tuesday morning we took the Eurostar back to London and it was over. 

Like I said at the beginning. The trip from 
London to Paris was organised through Rivera travel and it was the best thing my granny I could of done. It was very well done. So organised and everything went so smoothly. Our tour guide Richard was amazing. He was so knowledgable. I just couldn't recommend doing a trip with them any more. 

Whilst it London my granny and I also went to see two shows in the west end. Before we went to Paris we saw Billy Elliot which was absolutely outstanding. Oh boy was it amazing. Out of this world amazing. If you want to go see a show go see billy Elliot. You will not regret it  
When we got back to London we went to see mamma Mia. This again was amazing and exactly what you expect it to be. Cheesy fun feel good. All of that. It's exactly how the film is so we really enjoyed it! 

Well there we go that was my amazing trip with my granny. Best trip of my life and I can't thank my granny enough for taking me there for my first time. I'm always going to treasure these memories. 

I am so lucky to have been able to experience this so I wanted to share it with you. If you ever get the chance to go to paris, grab it. It's the most amazing place in the world  

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What's your favourite place?