Monday, 11 March 2013

50 Facts About Me

I thought to begin this blog of mine I will let you know a bit more about me. I've seen this circling around youtube for the past few weeks and I didn't see why it couldn't be a blog post too!

1. My Middle name is Margaret and i absolutely hate it (sorry to all the Maggies in the world!)
2. I live at home with my parents and sister but I'm hoping to move out in September for University!
3. I'm going to University to do a degree in French and Spanish, at which university? I still need to decide!
4. I have an older brother who is 19 next week and a little sister who is 10
5. I am one of the worlds fussiest eaters
6. I still eat like a 5 year old, all foods are eaten separate 
7. If I have beans with my tea they have to be in a separate dish so the sauce doesn't touch my other food.
8. I am allergic to Peanuts and animal fur
9. I used to want to be a vet
10. I think I spend more time on the internet than is healthy
11. I am 5 foot and 4 inches 
12. My feet are a nice slightly smaller than average size 5
13. I have never ever ever dyed my hair
14. I didn't know my hair was naturally curly until I was 12
15. I have a playlist on my phone of songs I'm really loving at the moment and I play it on repeat until I hate them all
16. I love sparkly glittery things
17. I got tickets to go see Justin Bieber in Nottingham on March 2nd but couldn't go because I was in Hospital, I am still heartbroken.
18. But.... we were in touch with the arena who made special arrangements for me for the JB concert due to my health issues and when we told them i couldn't make it to the concert in the end the sent me complimentary tickets to see One Direction.
19. I'm a born and bred Scot
20. I work in boots the chemist
21. I have been going to Latin dance classes since I was 4
22. I love watching cheesy romantic films
23. I love reading cheesy romantic books
24. I have a pacemaker
25. I have 2 "worst" days of my life, 1st was the day my Great Granny passed away and 2nd was the day of her funeral
26. I get really stressed out when my room's a mess yet I can't seem to keep it tidy..
2. I had blonde hair when I was little
28. This is my second attempt at a blog,
29. In 2005 my two best friends both moved abroad, one in the January to Australia and the other in June to California
30. My parents got me a dog because I was lonely and pretty much had no friends after my two best friends left
31. I absolutely love the states, I've been to Florida 5 times and I'm going again in May!
32. My Granny is taking me to Paris in August and I don't think I have ever been more excited to go anywhere. Ever.
33. My Granny is the most amazing woman in the world, I love her so much.
34. My Pet hate is noisy eaters and people who eat with their mouths open. It makes me want to cry.
35. I think I might have slight OCD about certain things. For example, organising my nail polish and  random things like I cannot stand if someone opens a packet of sweets or crisps upside down.
36. I hate not having my nails painted
37. The only thing I hate more than having bare nails is chipped nails
38. I have a really bad habit of peeling my nail polish off
39. I have real difficulty controlling my body temperature, especially my feet, they are either freezing cold like icicles or absolutely burning hot. It is horrific.
40. I find having a skincare routine such a chore
41. I am really lazy when it comes to doing my hair (i can't remember the last time I used a hair dryer)
42. I can sort of play the violin a little 
43. I love playing on my keyboard and teaching myself songs on it
44. My favourite thing to do when there is no one else in the house is sing. Really Loudly.
45. If my feet aren't covered by my duvet I feel like something is going to come out from underneath my bed and eat them
46. My favourite colour depends on my mood
47. I hate watching scary movies, I have only ever watched 2- "it" and "insidious". 
48. I am OBSESSED with playing temple run, Like really, I never get bored of it
49. I could easily spend all day reading blogs and watching Youtube videos
50. My friends think I should live in a bubble because of all my allergies and health issues
So I hope you feel like you know me a bit better and we can all have a wonderful relationship now.
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  4. Great post! This is my second attempt as well, good luck! xo

  5. No 15 is the same as me, I haven't changed my song list in months! x