Friday, 15 March 2013

A Simple Little Walk

Well hey there,

As you probably already know from the title it's about walks. Sounds so simple and boring but I absolutely love going for walks and I'm trying to make a conscious effort to go for one more. 

I've unfortunately spent quite some time in hospital this year and during my admissions all I wanted to do was to go out for a walk, to get outside and breathe some fresh air but the difference was I couldn't. I was either too ill to actually go anywhere or not aloud to walk and had to go every where in a wheelchair.

As I had a lot of time to think whilst in hospital I made the decision to take advantage of being able to out for a walk and enjoy all the little things like that because you really do miss it when the option is taken from you. 

I've been for a few walks since I've been out now and I'm absolutely loving it. There's something about walks that lifts my mood. I feel great after being out, like I've actually done something during the day, instead of spending all day inside on my laptop. 

To conclude, all i'm really saying is appreciate all the little things in life because you'll really miss them when they're gone. 

Here I will leave you with one of my favourite things about walks, you can take some beautiful pictures. This is one of my favourites that i took on Tuesday. Another one to add to my collection of scenery pictures.

Hope you all have a wonderful day

Caitlin x


  1. just stumbled across your blog, glad I did! it's so cute, love how you involve a variety of things:) now following you xx


  2. i am sorry to hear that you were in the hospital for so long but i am really happy to hear that you can finally enjoy nature! going on walks is honestly the best thing ever :) they can be enjoyed all alone, with family, friends, or a boyfriend.
    xx rae

    1. Thank you! Me too, it really opened my eyes to a lot! I know and one of my favourite things is that it doesn't cost any money! xx