Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Lip Junkie | Lip Gloss

As It's been a while, I feel it's time this post was put up after the success of the Lip Crayons.

The idea behind this is I have really started to accumulate a lot of lip products, I'm not even a hundred percent sure how it happened but it did. Anyway I thought it would be nice to share what I have and give my opinion on them.

Today we are moving on to lipgloss
If you missed the lip crayons one click here

Here is a nice overview of my lipglosses
I own 6 by revlon, 2 from NYX, 2 from Urban Decay and then one from Dior, Bourjois, Miss Guided and No.7

Top Row = Revlon Colourburst Lipgloss- Strawberry and Adorned and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pink Pop
Bottom Row- Revlon super lustrous lipgloss in Berry Allure, Snow Pink and Kiss Me Coral

First the Colourburst Lip glosses. These are the older style I think. 

Strawberry is a redish pink with shimmer through it but  it isn't like chunky glitter so it's not rough on your lips.
Adorned is the brightest most opaque lipgloss in existence I swear. I was so surprised when I swatched this on my hand! Its a very blue toned pink with lots of fuchsia  shimmer. It was hard to picture how bright this actually is! On a night out this would be fab

These lip glosses don't have a particular fragrance, the don't smell bad they just smell like make up I guess. But i definitely love these and if you like bright colours and lip glosses you MUST go try Adorned!

The super lustrous collection is newer. They have a beautiful colour selection. They basically smell the same as the colour burst ones. I have 2 glitter glosses from this collection and two without any glitter or shimmer. The cream glosses I have are pink pop and Berry Allure. 
Pink Pop is a hot pink gloss that isn't really opaque  and Berry Allure looks a lot darker in the bottle but is actually a really nice in between pink and berry and it's not too dark so it's so perfect for during the day!
The two glittery ones i own are Snow Pink and Kiss Me Coral
Snow pink comes out as almost a clear gloss with gold shimmer. It's super pretty and perfect to go on top of any lipstick to give it a beautiful finish. 
Kiss Me Coral is a bright coral that I love in summer.

I don't find you can feel any grittyness with these glosses and none of them are really sticky either which i just love. All round Revlon just do fantastic glosses in a beautiful range of colours.

NYX - Beige and Tea Rose

These glosses are so creamy It's just beautiful! Both are beautiful worn by themselves or layered over lip sticks. They have a cherry scent which i adore. It's one of my favourite scents for lip products. There's nothing more really to say than these are just really nice lipglossses. However I sadly was slightly disappointed with beige after the glowing reviews purely because I wanted to love it so much but the colour looks odd on me, that shade of pink just doesn't seem to suit me sadly! But I use it over lipstick a lot!

These are my two Urban Decay lipglosses both of which are beautiful.
On top is the shade Crush, this is practically the same as Pink Pop from Revlon in colour and in finish. I find it is a bit of a thicker consistency which i quite like.
Underneath we have the shade sin which is a gorgeous nude shade with gold shimmer.
Both have a peppermint scent which i love, it feels very fresh! Also these lipglosses always seem to last a while on me so big thumbs up for that!

Dior Addict Lipgloss summer 2012 - £22 I think this was limitied edition- Sorry!

Oh my one true love lipgloss. This is my beloved Dior Addict lipgloss in the shade glow. I can't even express my love for this, It's just so perfect. The colour is so me, Pinky/reddy/coral I just love it, This is the kind of shades that suit my skin tone best. It's beautiful by itself and over lipstick and it feels just amazing. I can't recommend it enough!
Bourjois 3D Effect lipgloss  - £7.99
Missguided Lipgloss (I can't find any link for this!)
No.7 High Shine Lipgloss- £9

Finally the last 3, which are all very similar as you can see!
First on top is bourjois 3D effect gloss from the summer collection (last years i think) in shade 49.
Its a peachy pink with a lot of gold shimmer which looks beautiful when the sunlight hits it, it looks magical.
Underneath is the missguided one i own, i think i actually got it in a magazine! It's another peachy pink gloss, slightly paler than the bourjois one and with more silvery flecks of shimmer in it. Its in the shade peace
Lastly is No.7 in coral kiss. Its basically the same as the missguided one but with less shimmer.
These lipgloss shades are great to have because they are so simple and easy to wear and look great layered as well.
They are all good lipglosses however the No.7 bugs me as it is one of those bottles that you can hardly get any lipgloss out!- you all know what i'm talking about, it like sucks the gloss off when you pull out the applicator!

So that is all my lipglosses- I'm beginning to possibly aqquire a lip product addiction i think, however I love them all <3

Hope you are all having a wonderful wonderful day

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Nail Art Catch Up

Recently I've been doing a lot of nail art again. Painting my nails is something I really enjoy and I always make time for it as I feel like it is my "me time"
Generally people don't understand my "obsession" with nails, but some people like to watch TV to wind down, some listen to music, some have a nap. I paint my  nails.

This design is one by MissJenFabulous on youtube, she has fantastic tutorials and even has a series of videos for beginners which this design is taken from. I changed the colours because i was feeling the blues/greens rather than pinks and ended up looking kind of like grass but i like it none the less.
Essie: Mint Candy Apple
Barry M: Greenberry
Barry M: Guava
Just a random unbranded gold glitter striper

These nails were my freshers week nails for university. I saw the picture on instagram, I don't know who the original credits go to but it's fabulous.
As for as the design goes it looks pretty complicated but its surprisingly not. Just dots and lines.
This design is so much fun and great for summer.
I used a combination of nail stripers and dotting tools to create this.
China Glaze- Pool Party
China Glaze- Turned up Turquoise
Barry M- Matt White
Barry M- Black

This design i just put together myself- no photo used which is unusual for me but something I would love to do more of. I really wanted to do a very simply floral design that was quite vintage too. Something to go with the winged eyeliner red lipstick look and this is what i came up with. Its very simple very easy to do and only requires black and white nail polish. Both of the ones i used are from barry m and i just used a dotting tool to create the flowers

These are nails i did for my flatmate, I wasn't very happy with them but she loved them anyway. They were meant to be mini strawberries but if anyone doesn't see that then my answer is "it's interpretive" These were taken from a picture my flatmate found and I have no idea where she got it from!
I used dotting tools for this design.
OPI - I think in Pink
Barry M- Matt White
Barry M- Blood Orange
Barry M- Key Lime
Sally Hansen-Mellow Yellow

This is one of my favourite nail art designs ever and one of the simplest. No tools required! There's nothing more to really say about this but it's just so elegant and classy looking, perfect for any occasion.
Barry M- Lychee
Barry M- Black
Essie- Beyond Cozy

This semester at university i became involved in the Music Society and there was a british themed concert that I was doing front of house so naturally I had to match my nails to the theme with union jacks. I just used a nail striper for this creating the thicker white lines and then adding the thinner red ones.
Barry M- Blue Plum
Models Own- white light
Models Own- Red Lustre

This design was me just really playing around with gems and i'm unsure if i like them anyway but i thought I'd show you guys anyway.
I just used a dotting tool to create the little flowers and then put a little gem in the middle of each one 
Barry M- papaya
Barry M- White

These are my flat mate Katie's nails, she decided she wanted Norwegian flags on her nails because why not. It was very simple and it looks very cute without even looking like flags on her nails. I just used a striper to create two thick white lines and then added the thin blue one on top.
Barry M- blood orange
Models Own- white light
Barry M- Blue Plum

For the first weekend in spring I had to wear florals to my work and while I was painting my nails I thought I'd try and recreate the florals on my dress. I just used dotting tools for this and I was really happy with the way it turned out.
Barry M- Lychee
Barry M- Blood Orange
Barry M- Passion Fruit
Barry- Raspberry
Barry M- Black
Barry M- Key Lime
Rimmel- Sea Green

One of my flatmates friends from the states came and visited us in March and just before she left I painted her nails with a lot of scottish pride as she asked for tartan. We looked up tartan prints online and I asked her to pick one from which I selected an area of the print to recreate on her nails.
Models Own- cornflower gleam
Models Own- white light
Barry M- Black
Models Own- Red Lustre
Sally Hansen- Mellow Yellow

 In my searches for a nail art design I wanted to do i found this on youtube. The design turned out lovely and  probably the most painting like nails I've ever done. In the video she uses a nail art brush, I just used dotting tools!
Essie- Where's My Chauffeur
O.P.I- I think in pink
Barry M- Raspberry
(the middle pink was a mixture of the two shades)
Barry M- Key lime
Rimmel- Sea Green

Before we left uni for the summer I promised my flat mate Tala that I would paint minions on her nails. I use the tutorial that MissJenFabulous posted to do this. 
Sally Hansen- Mellow Yellow
Barry M- Black
Models Own- white light
Barry M- Blue Plum
O.P.I- French Quarter For Your Thoughts

This design and the following one are both from pictures i found on instagram and I'm afraid I have no idea who created them. However It is super cute. I think the combination of the flowers stripes and dots is just so cute.
Barry M- Papaya
Models Own- White Light
Barry M- Huckleberry
Barry M- Peach Melba
Barry M- Sugar Apple

The more i look at this picture the more I like this design. The pale pink base isn't something i usually go for but i think it looks so cute with the purple roses.
Barry M- Rose Hip
Barry M- Prickly Pear
Maybelline- Ice Queen

And that concludes my nail art catch up, this is almost every nailart design I've created/recreated since the end of last summer! Hope you like these kind of posts and I'm sure it wont be long until another nail art post!

P.S. Sorry it's been so long since i posted!