Saturday, 13 July 2013

Testing Products

Hola lovelies

I've recently purchased a few no.7 items to try out. No.7 is a makeup and skin are brand by boots and one I've never really taken an interest in. However since working in boots for the last month I've had to learn about the products and things because its my job basically. In the process I've found myself eyeing up lots of products and it has resulted in this. 

First off here I have two samples.
On the left is the new no.7 cc cream. I have a sample of this because staff were asked to take one basically. It's a way for us to get to know the product on a more personal level and really find out about how it works. If you want to try it and want a sample in sure any member of staff would happily give you one. They would in my store anyway.
Secondly I have the colour calming primer. I quite often have a rather red face and I also have major problems with my face makeup staying on. So all in all this seems perfect. I wasn't sure wether I wanted to but the full size so my lovely colleague who is our beauty consultant gave me a sample! Again if you want to try any of the liquid products like foundations primers etc. I'm sure you could easily get one. 

Next I bought these two liquid eyeliners in such bright colours! I love it! I've swatches these on my hands quite a few times for customers and I can never get it off after so I think these are going to be extremely long lasting. These are the " stay precise liquid liner" the top colour is mermaid and underneath is sky high.
One of the main reasons I bought these was to actually get the deal that no7 is currently having which is if you buy 2 cosmetic products from the brand you get a free gift worth £30 
I love trying new products so this sounded fabby to me 

The first two things that come in the free goody bag are the triple protection tinted moisturiser in fair/medium and the airbrush away primer. Again I'm excited to try the primer loads! I want to see if it makes a difference to the staying power of my foundation!

 Next is a mascara. It's the extreme length waterproof in black

 Then a lovely sparkly lilacy pink but still neutral eyeshadow which doesn't tell me the shade unfortunately

And lastly a high shine lip gloss in coral kiss

I haven't tried any of these products yet so I'm super excited to try them all out and see how they all work! I think I'll do another post in the next week all about what I think of the products like little mini reviews.
So really this is just a preview of what's to come

Have you tried any no.7 products? If you haven't they are definitely worth a look. I never looked at it before I started working there and it's a shame because they have some fantastic products!


  1. Love the eyeshadow, that green color correcting primer looks really interesting!

    -Maddy @

    1. It's really pretty! Yeah I'm very interested to sea how that one works!

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