Saturday, 6 July 2013

Loving Lips

Hello lovelies

I love lip products, I think the can totally change up a whole look weather its just finshing it up or being a statement. I've been adding to my lipsticks recently so I'm going to share with you a few of my favourites!

Left to right 

First off is a revlon lip butter in the shade wild watermelon. It's a beautiful red and is that perfect combination between sheer and colour. It's beautiful and moisturising which I love in lipstick. So if you haven't tried these definitely check them out. Especially this colour! 

Next is a Clinique chubby stick. This is the shade whoppin' watermelon. It's a pinky nude that doesn't give much colour but is perfect when you have a bold eye or your just playing down the make up. It's really lovely and is great for layering lipgloss over!

Third in the row is probably my favourite lipstick if all time. It's the shade blushing sequin from l'oreal colour Riche. I got mine in Walmart and I wish I picked up more because they aren't available in the uk! This is a bright pink but again that perfect balance between opaque and sheer. I wear this all the time and it lasts a long time too

Last from this picture is a l'oreal caresse in Aphrodite Scarlett. This is an absolutely brilliant alternative to blushing sequin (check swatches at the bottom). The difference is the formulation. I find blushing sequin to be more dry but not in a drying way if that makes sense. Aphrodite is a very "wet" lipstick. I don't know how else to describe it. But it's also very moisturising and I have a few of these now. Again they give that perfect amount if colour without being in your face
Left to right 

First of is one of my holy grail lipsticks. I've had it for ages and what's in the picture is all that's left. This is a beautiful coral and it smells fantastic. It is actually a frosty finish winch I personally don't like but it's nothing a little gloss can't fix! It's a l'oreal colour Riche lipstick in the shade sensual rose 

Next I have two of the soap and glory glossy sticks. First is raplumzel which is a gorgeous plummy berry colour. This type if colour is one of my favourites of all time for lips and nails and clothes and just everything! Next is fushia-ristic. This looks super orange and bright and scary but it's a lot sheerer than in the tube. On the lips is a lovely coraly colour. These are super glossy and smell amazing and just look fantastic on the lips. 

Lastly is one of the newest addictions to my lipsticks. I bought this on the recommendation of essie button. It's the rimmel moisture renew lipstick in fun time fushia. I can't get enough of this lipstick! It's so lovely on the lips, such a flattering shade of pink. Definitely go have a look at this is the shops. If you like pink lipsticks and lipsticks that make your teeth look white you will love this!

In the middle top to bottom we have
Revlon lip butter : wild watermelon
Clinique chubby stick: whoppin' watermelon 
L'oreal lipstick: blushing sequin
L'oreal caresse: Aphrodite Scarlett 
L'oreal colour Riche: sensual rose 

On the far left is soap and glory glossy stick in raplumzel and next to it is fushia-ristic

On the far right is rimmel moisture renew lipstick in fun time fushia 

What are your favourite lip products? 
Ps: first ever post written on my phone so I hope the formats okay!


  1. love the diff shades. perfect for summer :)

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