Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Best Day

Hello beautiful people

Today is an absolutely beautiful day so I'm sitting out in the garden with my dog for company as I write this.
Tuesday was another gorgeous day like today and me and my friends went along to Aberdour beach and It was really the best day of this year for me.
It was so simple and relaxed, only cost us the bus fares but I had so much fun just being in the company with some of the people that mean the most to me.
We went to the beach had a picnic of lots of different food and then at night we went round to a friends house and sat in the garden with aftersun and had a few drinks. It was the perfect day.
It was really the beginning of summer for us all because that was the last exam day for my friends. It made it extra special plus it is our last summer together before a lot of change. We are all heading our separate ways come September so we are really trying to made this summer one to remember.

Here are some pictures from our day

What I really am trying to say is cherish your time with your friends because inevitably you go your separate ways and although you may stay in touch and stay best friends, everything still does change and it's no longer realistic that you'll see them everyday.

Hope you all have a fabby dabby day!


  1. wasn't the weather amazing x

  2. Great photographs - I wish I lived close to the sea :) x

    1. Thank you! It definitely has it's perks :) x