Monday, 8 April 2013

Keep Your Heels High

Hello there beautiful people

I don't know about you but I LOVE getting dressed up to go out and getting dressed up means HEELS

I love shoes, heels in particular so I thought I'd share mine with you so we can discuss how amazing shoes are

Starting with my black heels

 These were the one of the first ever heels I bought from New Look years ago. I could hardly walk in them when I got them, Bless my little self. But Yeah I still really like these, I don't wear them as much anymore but they are great because they are so simple and classic and go with practically anything.

 These next ones I got about 2 years ago from a German shoe shop in Aberdeen (sorry I can;t remember the name! ) They were so cheap like £15 and I have worn these to death and they are still in amazing condition! What more can I ask?

These babies are my newest to my heels collection that you will see! They are from New Look, I got them in the sale in January for £13. These are great. They go with almost everything for a party and they have lace all over which I love and they also have patent details! Only down side to these is they kill your feet because of the height!

Next, My purple shoes

Looking familiar? Yes these are the exact same as the first pair I showed, just in purple. I loved them so much I had to get both colours even though they only had purple in a 6 and I wear a 5 I bought them anyway. So as you can imagine I've never actually worn these.. I'm going to give them to my mum I think, they'll fit her!

Now these, These are my pride and joy, My babies, I love them to pieces. They were actually a birthday present for my 16th from my best friend, oh she knows me so well. I know they were from But come on, we all just have to take a few minutes to appreciate the beauty that are these shoes. They are suede with an amazing glitter heel, only downside is again, they kill your feet and aren't the easiest to walk in but it's so worth it even if you do fall three times in one night..

My red and pink

These were the first pair of heels I ever got and they were actually my mums and are also slightly too big being a size 6 but I wore them anyway because I adored these shoes! They are just patent red with a little fabric bow. As you can see i like this style of shoe when I first started wearing heels! These were from New Look and are just a pair of nice simple red heels.

 I got these nude shoes after months of searching for the perfect pair. Eventually I found these in guess where? New Look. I absolutely LOVE how the heel and platform and strap are a different colour. These shoes just make me so happy. I get to wear them a lot and they are the perfect fit! No insoles needed for these babies! The best part yet, I can keep them on ALL night!

My Little Silver Sandals

I got these for a friends 16th whose party was in the summer. They are from Stead & Simpson which has now closed down I think, well at least the one where I live has. They were just perfect for the occasion and were really inexpensive. I really like these because they are so dainty and pretty. Perfect for summer parties with the family and little things like that.


These are the last shoes I'm going to show. My wedges. I got these last summer to go with a dress I bought for going on holiday and I really wanted wedges for the summer anyway! These are actually just from Primark! You can really find some gems there when you're lucky. Since they were from primark they were so cheap for shoes but they work perfectly well for me. Since they are black they also go with a lot of outfits and are just perfect for what I wanted. Although everyone says walking in wedges is easier, I completely disagree! I find these so difficult to walk in compared to for example my nude shoes! What is wrong with me?!

I do own one more pair of heels that just arrived this week but I'm not going to show you because they are my prom shoes! I love them and I so desperately want to show them but I'm keeping the for when I do like my Outfit of the Night for Prom post in June!

So if you want to see those babies ( they really are beautiful) then you should follow my blog ;)

Now leave me a comment telling me about your favourite shoes so we can be all girly and get excited over shoes!

Hope you all have/having/had a fantastic day! All I did was read a book and write this, exciting stuff eh?


  1. love the glitter heels!



    1. Thank you! Me too! although my feet really hate me after I wear them! xx

  2. me too glitter is awesome, i think the lace will be popular in this season

    1. Yeah I think lace is popular all year round! x

  3. I love the wedges! Perfect with some high waisted shorts! x