Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Florida Haul: Part 1- Nail Polish

Well hello there! It's been quite some time since I did my last proper post, but I'm back!

It is no secret that I am a nail polish junkie/hoarder so how could I resist with Americas cheap prices when I was in Florida?
As a little disclaimer I did buy everything myself with my own money I eared while working over Christmas except the O.P.I nail polishes which were a gift from my granny :)
Anyway we are just going to get right to it because I have 14 nail polishes to show you! That's like one for every day of my holiday, woops.

 Showing the most boring one first, I got Seche Vite and oh I'm so in love, I don't know how I've lived so long without it, It truly works Miracles! I got this at Publix and i think I paid around $8 for it.

This is the colour Fearless from Revlon, It's a beautiful red that i got from Walmart for only $3.97!!!! How is that fair?! they are £6.99 in boots!!

So being the price that they were I couldn't just get one, I also got this orange which is "Siren" and I love it, I'm loving the brights!

This maybelline colour show nail polish I got at Walmart again for $2.99, the colour is "Iced Queen" and is a beautiful cool toned purple, soo pretty!

Now Sally Hanson is a brand we do get in the UK but only a select few products and they are all more nail care. So when i saw the range of colours I had to get a couple! This is "Mellow Yellow", a bright lemon colour and i love it but haven't worn it yet! It was $2.49 from Target

This nail polish excites me, It's holographic so why wouldn't it? I LOVE the look of this however I'm not sure how much I'll wear it but I think it'd look super cool over Silver Nail Polish. This is called " In The Spotlight" - $2.48 from Walmart

This is such an exciting colour, It's like neon although it doesn't come across so bright on camera but boy I was surprised when i put this on my nails! I got this for $4.99 ! from Publix and it is China Glaze "Turned up Turquoise" I love it although it has a strange finish, It's got a slight shimmer/sheen but when it dries its like sort of matte, can you have matte with sheen? but I just put a top coat on and it was super glossy and gorgeous!

 Now it's time to take a moment and fall in love with this china glaze polish called Fairy Dust, it is holographic again and is a really finely milled glitter polish that just adds a beautiful sparkle to any nail polish, It was love at first sight! I got this again for $4.99 from Publix

Onto Essie, I FINALLY got my hands on Bikini So Teeny and it just the most perfect pastel blue, It's so pretty! It has a slight shimmer in it as well but the most perfect combination is this with Fairy Dust on top of it, Honestly you will never want to take it off! I got this at Walmart I think for $7.75

Then I got Essie's Lilacism, which as you probably can see and from the name is a beautiful lilac, It's so lovely and pastel and perfect! I think I got this at Walmart too for $7.75

The last Essie Polish I picked up is "Penny Talk" a metallic like bronzy rose gold. I Seriously wore this on my toes for like the entire holiday, It's so pretty and you can get away doing only one coat! BONUS. I got this one at Target for $7.79

O.P.I time! This B-E-A-U-tiful colour is "Yoga-ta Get This Blue" Omg this is my fav blue nail polish ever! It's like the blue version of "Tomorrow Never Dies" which is my fav nail polish of all time basically. Its just so gorgeous. All the O.P.I nail polishes were $8.50 from the Duty Free at Sandford Airport

 Heres it on my nails, how gorgeous?!

This bright pink is called "Pompeii Purple" It really doesn't photgraph well but it's a bright like fushia pink with purpley/blue duochrome, It's gorgeous however! If this is your kinda thing I think it is very very similar to the Maybelline Color Show polish in "Speeding Light" (comparison is on my instagram @lifesglitters)But that is a much cheaper alternative
Lastly there is " I think in Pink" Which is kind of like a Candyfloss Pink, Its lovely anyhow and very opaque!

That was all the polishes! I know I have a problem but oh well, I love all the polishes I got and I'm so happy with them!
I Will have part 2 Florida haul up in the next couple of days as well.

Hope you're having a fantastic day!


  1. Oh wow. I am going to the US in 2 weeks, I feel like my beauty purchases will be outrageous as well. It will be hard not to buy everything I see. Already making lists in my mind of what I need to buy.

    Really like the colors you got. Nice post. I'll start to follow you.

    x, Linda

    1. I can guarantee they will be! It's so hard to resist with their amaing prices! I did that too before I went!
      Thank you! xx

  2. all of these nail varnish colours are beautiful!
    I love the OPI Pompeii Purple!